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        Taking "real" as the core value, "real" represents pragmatic, practical and practical. All our work insists on starting from reality, forming a simple and efficient style, and abandoning all forms and empty theories; we must start from concrete things, grasp concrete work, strengthen lean management, and improve efficiency. Foundation, the pursuit of the most satisfactory results, put an end to all work that has nothing to do with the results; we must be simple, practical, and do things in a down-to-earth manner, and really be a man.

        We plan our work with a global vision, continue to maintain the enthusiasm of continuous learning, the passion to surpass and continue to innovate. Innovation is not only the innovation of products and technologies, but also the innovation of organization, management, system and culture. Innovation is endurance and perseverance; innovation is strength, doing things that others can't do; innovation is risk, we must dare to take risks and persevere; we must be brave in transcending ourselves, continuous improvement, in order to cope with all crises and changes, so that enterprises will always be Full of vitality and vitality.

        Job responsibilities are my responsibility, job requirements are my responsibility, the company's goal is my responsibility, the company's interests and value pursuit is my responsibility, every employee in the stone medicine work must firmly establish and uphold the responsibility The idea of "on me."

        We insist on treating people fairly and fairly, doing things fairly and fairly; creating a fair and just environment; always putting the interests of the public first, thinking about the interests of others, being anxious, thinking about what people think and helping others.

        We treat customers with honesty and integrity, provide the best quality and most reliable medicines and services to protect the health and life of patients; treat shareholders with honesty and integrity, and all work adheres to the interests of the company, creating value and excellence for shareholders. Reward; treat employees with honesty and integrity, improve the working environment and improve employee welfare, guide employees to enter the value growth channel, and live a happy life. We share the results of corporate development with all stakeholders. Suppliers and partners enjoy the fruits and wealth of corporate development, progress and growth together; the communities, cities and society as a whole enjoy the results we give back. Living in harmony with wealth.